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Marsaille smells lovely on you

Posted by Kathie Argyros. Owner of French Cargo, Francophile, Interior Stylist, passionate, creative. Lover of fine wine and food and will follow anyone that will make her laugh. on

Hi, and Happy New Year,

Hope you had a great holiday season.  I took a little time off but, when you have a passion, you never really switch off.  I thought i would do a quick blog on Marseille, France.  After all, i sell so much of their beautiful Savon de Marseille soaps.  Many of you have purchased one from me, so i hope you are really enjoying their fragrance and soap quality.  The most popular range we have is the Incense Lavender.  I sell more of that than any other fragrance. 

Here are our other lovely Savon de Marseille range - available at our online store and at our Pop Up Stores: 

But Marseille is also a beautiful port city in southern France, has been a crossroads of immigration and trade since its founding by the Phoenicians in 600 B.C.E. It’s a place of tranquil squares and stepped streets, bustling 19th-century avenues and souklike markets. At its heart is the Vieux Port, where fishmongers sell their daily catch along the boat-lined quayside. La Canebière, the main thoroughfare, runs east from here.  Have a read of this great article below from "The Good Life France" - they have a feature on Marseille. 


Perhaps you have been there? If you have, I would love to know about it. If you haven't, then perhaps you can add that to your bucket list. I have.

Have a great 2016!

À toute à l'heure!



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